law 2Are you living together with your finance? If you are, you might want to think about your cohabitation rights. You might think that you have the same rights as those married couples, but the truth is you do not. Currently, there are no cohabitation rights for couples who are living together in UK so you have to understand how to protect yourself and your rights in case the whole relationship gets to a bend in the road.

If you do not know your full rights, you can seek the help of solicitors in Winterbourne so you can have legal guidance on how you can protect your rights especially if you have already have children and properties with the person you are currently living with, it is always a good idea to know your cohabitation rights! Moving in together can be a meticulous process because you have to start with agreeing on your rental contract with your landlord. You have to seek your landlord’s consent in order for you to live in and have your partner’s name in your contract. Also, in the event that you have a failing out in your relationship, you do not have any right to insist staying in the apartment or home that you are living in if you are not the named tenant or the named owner of the property. The same goes with your finances and properties. You do not have any rights on your partner’s finances and properties even when you have been living together for a very long time and likewise, your partner does not have the same rights to your properties and finances if you bought it with your own money.

However, if you want to trust your partner and want to settle an agreement with him or her, then you can go for a cohabitation agreement. It may be easy to say you agree on something, but you will be at a better place if you agree on paper because everything will be dealt with according to the law. You can have a cohabitation agreement drafted concerning your property, money and custody of your children. Drafting a cohabitation agreement is no longer a problem because you can simply consult the legal assistance of a solicitor in Winterbourne because they can guide you on the right process of drafting your cohabitation agreement! For more information, visit the Bevan Evemy website or check out their office so you can have your free initial consultation!