Identity Thefts and Fraud – Two Difficult Cases

I am a criminal lawyer(Provo tax attorney). I have been one for nearly 30 years now and the most difficult cases for me are not the ones that involve murder or rape but those that involve deceit. I am talking about identity theft and fraud. I’ve handled my fair share of these two cases and every single of them was difficult. When you’re working with something that involves the fraudulent use of someone else’s identity or money, it involves a lot of paperwork and backtracking to make sure that your client has a legitimate case on their hand.

A few months ago, I handled an insurance fraud case wherein an insurance company hired me to go after an individual who’s been going in and out of the hospital for “stupid” illnesses. He would go into the company with a cast or a neck frame, deliberately ask for money, and then threaten to sue if they don’t comply. After a week of tracing the paperwork and having someone follow him around, it was discovered that he was truly guilty of insurance fraud and he was forced to return all the money or he face jail time.

I also had one case of identity theft combined with credit card fraud a year ago that was utterly difficult. Long story short, my client won and we got over $200,000 in damages plus getting the credit rating back to its original glory. Rest assured, if you want someone to help you with fraud or identity theft cases, you can always get in touch with me.