Insurance Scam Gone Wrong


This is not related to law, but to some extent, it helps shed some light on what my clients deal with when it comes to their insurance policies. As a general practitioner of the law, I deal with a lot of legal issues ranging from insurance claims to identity theft. This is how exciting my career is. A couple of months ago, I was targeted for an insurance scam and I couldn’t resist screwing with them. I knew they weren’t from around here because they would’ve recognized me as an attorney. They even had a small office to make them legit.

They offered a sweet premium policy wherein I could get my investment in 20 years even if I did take money out of the policy. There were other bonuses so I pretended to be blown out of my mind. When the contract was given out, I spotted some illegalities and I told them I wanted to consult a lawyer prior to signing. They obliged and I came back the next day with a warrant and some police officers. It turns out they were a group of people who already had existing records of fraud.

I tell this lesson to my clients who want to get insurance policies and I show them a copy of the contract of an insurance scam.